Top & Best Oxygen Concentrator Brands Available Online In India

1: Healthgenie Oxygen Concentrator HG501-5 LPM

Healthgenie Oxygen Concentrator HG501-5 LPM is a sophisticated equipment which is specifically designed for domestic use. It is an electronically driven equipment that segregates oxygen from your room air. It further offers high accumulation of oxygen to you via a nasal cannula. According to various clinical surveys oxygen concentrator is similar to various other oxygen distribution systems. It comes along with a user manual that makes it’s functioning and usage easy to comprehend for the user. The oxygen concentrator was specifically designed to minimize routine preventive maintenance at intervals of once per year. Only professionals of the healthcare field or persons fully conversant with this process such as authorized or factory trained personnel should perform preventive maintenance or performance adjustments on the oxygen concentrator. It is one of the most popular oxygen concentrator brand in India.

Accessories List:

1. Nasal oxygen cannula: 1 set
2. Filter core: 1 set
3. Humidifier bottle: 1 set
4. Humidifier bottle adapter (including tube): 1 set
5. Manual: 1 piece

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2: Nidek nuvo lite oxygen concentrator

Nidek nuvo lite oxygen concentrator is one of the most advanced and innovative oxygen concentrator. Built by using Rapid Pressure Swing Absorption (RPSA) technology concentrator reaches to full purity in less than 3 minutes. Light weighted Nidek Nuvo is a easy to transport oxygen concentrator which gives its users the freedom to carry it and get oxygen therapy. It has 90{67a04e4dbe997e48c7b3043b54bbfd5d131280cfcf7ccc0165ee7bcb413eddf5}(+ 6.5{67a04e4dbe997e48c7b3043b54bbfd5d131280cfcf7ccc0165ee7bcb413eddf5} / -3{67a04e4dbe997e48c7b3043b54bbfd5d131280cfcf7ccc0165ee7bcb413eddf5}) oxygen concentration out of 5 LPM. Nidek nuvo lite oxygen concentrator has a single knob controlled flow meter which allows users to control the oxygen flow and select the prescribed volume of oxygen. It is easy to operate oxygen concentrator as it has an upright design and produces noise less than ≤40dBa. The machine is highly dirt and moisture free as it absorbs the nitrogen from air by zeolite materials present in concentrator, which releases pure oxygen from the outlet. Nidek nuvo lite oxygen concentrator has two fitted cylinders which work in timed cycle when the first cylinder is absorbed then second cylinder starts working. It has an audio alarm system which indicates the patient in case of oxygen pressure fluctuation and power failure. Nidek nuvo lite oxygen concentrator operates ultra quietly and produces sound ≤40dBa. Oxygen produced by concentrator is 90{67a04e4dbe997e48c7b3043b54bbfd5d131280cfcf7ccc0165ee7bcb413eddf5}(+ 6.5{67a04e4dbe997e48c7b3043b54bbfd5d131280cfcf7ccc0165ee7bcb413eddf5} / -3{67a04e4dbe997e48c7b3043b54bbfd5d131280cfcf7ccc0165ee7bcb413eddf5}) pure out of 5LPM.

Warranty : 2 Year offsite Warranty.

Brand Nidek
Type Oxygen Concentrator
Oxygen Produced 90{67a04e4dbe997e48c7b3043b54bbfd5d131280cfcf7ccc0165ee7bcb413eddf5}(+ 6.5{67a04e4dbe997e48c7b3043b54bbfd5d131280cfcf7ccc0165ee7bcb413eddf5} / -3{67a04e4dbe997e48c7b3043b54bbfd5d131280cfcf7ccc0165ee7bcb413eddf5})
Sound Produced ≤40dBa

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3: Airsep newlife elite oxygen concentrator

Airsep newlife elite oxygen concentrator supports quiet operation and produces sound less than 50dBa which enables users to have sound oxygen therapy while sleeping as well. For the convenience of users it features alarm indicators which informs users about power failure, high pressure, low pressure, and low concentration (optional oxygen monitor) are some of the best in class features that the product offers the user.

5 LPM Continuous Flow : This concentrator comes along with a 5 LPM continuous flow without any glitches. This further adds on to the efficiency of the product. It features lockable flow feature which enables users to adjust the flow as prescribed by doctors as per the need of the patient. Its lockable feature makes it safe and easy to use concentrator. It has an outlet pressure of 9Psig. It has an optional oxygen monitor available which helps to check the concentration of oxygen. It is very useful in providing the user a clear and vivid check of the flow being used.

AirSep NewLife Elite Oxygen Concentrator 5 Liter Features and Benefits

* It provides up to 5 liters of continuous flow oxygen.
* It has an optional oxygen monitor.
* It has low power consumption while using Economy Mode.
* It includes a low oxygen flow lockdown to meet low-flow requirements.
* The air outlet provides a nebulizer treatment option.
* It is backed by AirSep quality and durability standards.

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4: Life Plus Oxygen Concentrator(LPM-203)

Rapid pressure swing absorption (RPSA) process NASA derived technology. Oxygen Concentrator with purity of 95 {67a04e4dbe997e48c7b3043b54bbfd5d131280cfcf7ccc0165ee7bcb413eddf5} + , 5 litres single flow machine . Easy to use at home, clinics etc . Standard 1 year warranty on the product available. Easy homely installation

High Purity , Long Life & Excellent Quality
RPSA ( rapid pressure Swing absorption) Process/ Bacteria Filter Life is 15,000 hours.
Quiet unit –allowing restful sleep to the patients with High,Low Pressure Alarm with power failure alarm & Nebulizer Function

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5: Medicalbulkbuy Portable Oxygen Concentrator 5Ltr

Portable Oxygen Concentrator is light weight of 5.2 kg produces oxygen purity range at 93{67a04e4dbe997e48c7b3043b54bbfd5d131280cfcf7ccc0165ee7bcb413eddf5}+/-3{67a04e4dbe997e48c7b3043b54bbfd5d131280cfcf7ccc0165ee7bcb413eddf5} with the adjustable flow from 1 to 5 settings. It can be used by home power, car battery and lithium battery. If you have any other questions, Medicalbulkbuy is happy to answer them. Make sure reading and understanding all the information contained in this guide before you operate your unit. This was developed by medicalbulkbuy to meet the regular demand by customers for car operated,battery operated, light weight and carrying cart type at very reasonable price first time in India.

Flow Settings:1 – 5 settings equal to 1-5LPM flow
Oxygen Purity:93{67a04e4dbe997e48c7b3043b54bbfd5d131280cfcf7ccc0165ee7bcb413eddf5}+/-3{67a04e4dbe997e48c7b3043b54bbfd5d131280cfcf7ccc0165ee7bcb413eddf5} at any settings
Outlet Pressure: 8.5 PSI
Sound Level:≤ 40 dB (nominal) at flat table, ≤45dB when travelling.
Size:9.1 in x 8.7 in x 12.8 in (23 cm x 22 cm x 32.5 cm)
Weight:11.5 lbs (5.2kg) Machine only, 13.7lbs(6.2kg) with battery
Remote controller:Wireless, 10 meters circle through the walls
User Interface: Push buttons,
back-lit liquid crystal display (LCD)
Work Temperature:41° to 104°F (5° to 40°C)
Relative Humidity:15 to 95{67a04e4dbe997e48c7b3043b54bbfd5d131280cfcf7ccc0165ee7bcb413eddf5}
Altitude:Up to 12,000 ft (3657m)

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