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Tynor Comfortable Knee Cap with Patellar Ring – Large (Single)

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  • Designed to provide compression and support during mild instability of the knee joint
  • Four-way stretchable, soft and comfortable knee cap with Patellar ring
  • Silicon patellar padding increases blood flow and helps in quick healing.
  • Special interlocking and double layered weave, with uniform compression
  • Sizing Guide: Size – Large Inches – [19.6 to 22] cm – [49 to 55]

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Tynor Comfortable Knee Cap

Tynor Comfortable Knee Cap with Patella Ring is a next generation knee support to provide stabilization, compression, grip and support to the weak or unstable knee. It provides therapeutic support in arthritis, patellar dislocations, knee pain, sports injuries and knee postoperative management.

Silicon patellar padding relieves patellar pressure,compresses the patellar tendon, positions patella in patellar dislocations as well as provides quick healing. Made from high-quality nylon that ensures longer life, appealing aesthetics and colorfastness. Three-dimensional thick knit provides therapeutic warmth with strong compression and comfort.

Four-way stretchable ability with good grip, snug fitting and no bunching at the back. Use this product under the guidance of a qualified doctor. Discontinue the product use in case of impaired sensation, impaired blood flow and allergic rash or itching. Misuse or improper use of the device can lead to adverse effects and decreased effectiveness.

Some product wash care instructions are hand wash with mild detergent, do not dry clean, iron and bleach. A simple pull on application – pull up holding the flat springs, with the broader side facing upwards. Available in four sizes – small, medium, large and XL.


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