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Diswa Fitness Original 10 in 1 Six pack Abs Exerciser



  • Designed to provide dual resistance.More than 180 degree range of motions.Offers adjustable resistance Levels to suit all fitness levels
  • Six Pack Care Targets upper, middle, lower abs, waistline as well as obliques
  • With cushioned and massaging back support , giving a more comfortable useWhy the abdominal trainer, what can it do for you? Actually, you should be asking what it can’t do for you. Bond with it as you venture on a journey to the land of fitness, where lies the hidden key to a better living.
  • Slim your midsection while sculpting your abs, tone and strengthen your chest, arms, back and abdomen.



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  • Diswa Fitness Original 10 in 1 Six pack Abs Exerciser

    ABS Equipments in the market today that only work in a limited range, Six Pack Care is one of a kind ergonomic design offer effective total core exercises that works both on the way up and down focusing on every muscle of your core. Six Pack Care twist 180 degree range of motion allows you to exercise your upper, middle as well as lower abdominal muscles, all at the same time. Such simultaneous motion of the ABS helps you to get a much tighter ABS in a limited time. You get reverse crunch while you lie back and while coming up there will be regular crunches. The best part about Six Pack Care is that with this single equipment you get 6 different workouts namely oblique twists, crunches, lower ABS tucks, reverse crunches, lower Ab press and stretch.

    Six Pack Care ABS equipment is perfect for all fitness levels and even those with back problems. Features:- Saddle can be twisted.Slim your midsection Tone and strengthen chest, arms, back, abs Improve strength, flexibility, balance and coordination No-slip sponge.Easy to use


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